Do you know Reading Books could be more therapeutic than any other therapy?

COVID-19 caused lockdown around the world and people across the globe are suffering through anxiety, depression, and stress. They also have limited options of activities to perform at home.

In this scenario, people who were habitual with daily book reading remain free of stress and depression as books on various subjects provide a variety of angles to think about personal growth, career excellence, well being, gratitude, and happiness.

In light of my own observation and experience, I can guarantee that keeping the lifestyle as simple as possible and indulging in friendship with the books written on self-help topics can be the best way to remain cool, calm and collective during the current crisis.

“Complexity is the Enemy of Execution”

Instead of just sitting in your house and mindlessly thinking about your future, it is much better to read ideas from the books written by well known corporate trainers and life coaches who meet thousands of people every week. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, their exposure to life and difficulties faced by other people is so extensive.

This way books give you hope and make you believe that your existence is not subject to your employment, it is actually the other way round.

So believe in your self and start your journey of self-discovery today.

Grab a book and start reading.

I recommend to start with: FIND YOUR WHY By SIMON SINEK.